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Andrew from Bolton said... My wife has terminal illness and I have not had a real relationship for around 20 years. I love my wife dearly but miss the sex. but thanks to xd8 I have found a wonderfull and understanding woman. We meet once a month and we both love the intense feelings we get making love. Thanks xd8.

Mandy from Worcester said... My friends used to call me a tart becuase I'd been married 3 times, and I've always had to have affairs with single or married men. I now know why I'd never settled with one man - there was nobody that I could call my perfect man, who I loved enough to be faithful to. Your site put me in touch with the one man in my life who I love to bits. Job done.

Nina from Glasgow said... I was a member of for over a year and never found a decent bloke. In less than a week I'd found a man at who is ideal in every way. He loves me, we met online and went for a drink after a week. 3 months later he asked me to marry him.

Steve from "private" said... I have a disability which restricts my mobility so I can't get out much. XD8 was the dating site that opened new doors for me. I have so much fun talking online with the most amazing girls. I only use the online service I have never met anyone in the flesh yet, but online sex is brilliant. I though I'd just like to tell you how pleased I am with your dating site.

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Tia from Weston said... I've tried many other dating sites before, only to find wierdos and liars. I joined xd8 and within 1 month I'd found a gorgeous loving guy, Peter. Could you please close my account now. This was the best investment I ever made in my life.

Dave246 from Midlands said... I was getting no sex at home, but now I have 2 lovers on the go, and even my wife is amazed that our love life is starting to return. I consider it money well spent, and being in XD8 has improved my life so much, you wouldn't believe.

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